Compared with conventional open surgery, Leksell Gamma Knife treatments allow patients to return to their pre-operative lifestyle quickly. Gamma Knife surgery is also cost-effective. When compared with conventional craniotamy, cost reductions of 30-70% have been reported.

    The major advantages are:

  • Non-invasive

    It is surgery without incision. Gamma rays are focused at the abnormal lesion without affecting the adjacent normal brain tissues. Shaving of hair is not required

  • Faster recovery

    Patients undergoing Gamma Knife treatments can return at least to their pre-operative lifestyle almost immediately, compared to 4-6 weeks of convalescence required for those who undergo conventional surgery.

  • Good results with safety

    The treatment gives results comparable to conventional open surgery. Further there is no risk of infection or bleeding in the brain and it has far fewer complications compared to open surgery.

  • Established clinical track record

    Gamma Knife treatment is supported by over 35 years of well documented researches evaluation and clinical use. It is approved by the FDA in the United States of America. There are numerous publications in peer-reviewed medical journals on its use and results.

  • Shorter hospital stay

    The actual procedure is painless. Head frame attachment is done with local anesthetic and mild sedative and is usually not uncomfortable.

  • State-of-the-art-technology

    The Gamma Knife has no moving parts, except the couch which provides inherent safety, stability, accuracy, reliability and reproducibility. Complex treatments can be delivered routinely with confidence and high accuracy. Hence, reliability and the patient's safety are ensured.

  • Cost effectiveness

    The costs of the single procedure, professional fees and hospitalisation are often 30 to 70 percent less than conventional surgery.

  • The only treatment

    This surgery can be especially useful for those patients who are not suitable for standard surgical techniques due to illness or advanced age. In many neurological cases, the Gamma Knife is the only feasible treatment modality.

What Our Client Says

Almost every day, we receive warm, wonderful letters of thanks from former patients, their families and friends. We thank them for taking the time to praise the excellent care they received, for telling us about their recovery and for sharing their “Rancan Gamma Knife Centre Experience” with us.

I wanted to let all of you know that my family and I appreciated the wonderful care on my 'day' at the Rancan gamma knife center. Your kindness and the pleasant attitude made it much easier to deal with it all. Thanks for the pictures - my kids loved them! Mom is a space alien!

Abdin Wilson

Really I feeling like a home and all doctors and staff were execellent. Your thoughtfulness, professionalism, caring and gentle ways took this terrified person through the procedure with success! I appreciate what you've done and who you are. Thank You! God Bless.

Mohammed Belal Uddin

Treatment Procedure

A step-by-step description of the Gamma Knife process and what to expect on treatment day follows: